Topper Supply Inventory for 2020

At Topper Supply, the new year is welcomed with an updated list of equipment in stock. In 2019, there were a lot of new hauling and rigging techniques that came into use and with such came the corresponding equipment. As mentioned in the previous article, there will be a plethora of new techniques and methods to hit the industry this year. Topper Supply is fully prepared for the evolution of these methods and will have the materials needed to accommodate. Legacy methods of hauling and rigging will, of course, be used for the foreseeable future. Devices such as slings, straps, wire ropes, and hoists will remain the critical gear for hauling and rigging.

Performance Guarantee

Durability is sometimes an unnoticed feature when purchasing straps or wire ropes. The first thing eyes go towards is its weight capacity and price. Especially in last minute situations, features like warranty, strength performance, and lastingness are vastly overlooked. Cargo control can be one of the tasks that puts the most wear and tear on hauling equipment. Straps will usually execute the job perfectly when brand new. After a few uses small feathering of the threads will usually become visible on edges. While sling protection is an option, it is best to first purchase straps that have more vitality from the start. Wire rope has a much higher strength and durability than straps but come with the larger risk of damaging the cargo. When choosing which is right for the function, again, the human mind leads towards the two impacting features; its weight ability and the price. Aware of this, Topper Supply offers assemblies and rigging hardware that is built to endure continuous rough and rugged operations. From beam clamps to winch lines, they carry superlative equipment for any transport job at hand.

All of your needs, fulfilled.

With the new trends and methods coming into fruition, Topper Supply insists on handling the equipment that corresponds to the new economical techniques. Achieved by not only carrying the tools for the exact operation but also offering custom rigging hardware. This day and age, efficiency is becoming the most important factor which spawns these new industry trends. Topper Supply fully welcomes the ingenuity and strives to provide the best hardware to satisfy the task. Whatever your project may be, the staff at Topper Supply offers an overabundance of knowledge ranging from marine operations to immense developmental planning. Any and all questions are accepted and answered our staff. Our location is displayed on our contact page. Topper Supply wishes everyone a safe and productive 2020!