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Our collection offers premium quality supplies and equipment from all over the industry,
so you don’t have to run from one vendor to the other. Visit our store to check out our products today.

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Chains & Straps


Whether you are looking for industrial grade chains
or premium quality straps, we have got you covered.
With the perfect balance of performance and affordability,
our collection of sturdy chains & straps are ideal for lifting heavy
equipment without weighing you down. View our collection
online or visit our showroom today.

Crane Equipment

From rough terrain to truck cranes, we hold a large collection of
premium quality equipment for all types of lifting vehicles.
With a variety of OEM parts, we can meet all your equipment needs
with a single visit to our store. Check out our online collection or
visit our store today.

Strong, sturdy, and long-lasting, our collection of shovels and
spades is built to endure even the most stressful working conditions.
With high quality material and manufacturing processes, our shovels
and spades will become the most reliable tools in your shed.
Check our latest products online or visit our store today

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With a large collection of contractor and industrial supplies
as well as lifting equipment, our store is designed to fulfill all
your procurement needs in a single visit. Whether you want to
pick up small tools on the spot or want large equipment delivered
to your chosen destination, our highly qualified and personal staff
will be right there to help you.

Founded in 1938, TopperSupplyCo. is built on the foundation of
making high quality contractor and industrial supplies as well as
lifting equipment available for everyone. Having worked in the
industry, our founding team is aware of all the issues that you can
face while trying to achieve your project goals. That is why we make
sure to carry a collection of high quality supplies and equipment that
is also affordable for the everyday contractor. Each of our materials
are built to withstand stressful working conditions on an everyday
basis. Our supplies provide you with the utmost reliability and peace
of mind. With our commitment to go the extra mile, you can also rely
on our highly qualified and experienced staff to point you in the right
direction during your shopping experience, and help you find
equipment that’s a perfect fit for you.

2112 S. High Street, Columbus, OH, 43207
Simply give us a call for directions or visit any time between 9 AM - 5 PM,